Grey Matter

Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Muralist, Creative Consultant

Grey Matter (born Ruben Young) is a designer, artist. illustrator and muralist living and working in Sacramento, CA.

“I like to blend methodologies, what I learned from years of doing graffiti mixed with traditional illustration techniques. I use this mix to explore humanity, nature, technology and how they interact with each other. My approach, both digitally and traditionally, uses layering techniques and bright colors.”

Grey Matter illustrations have been commissioned and used in projects ranging from children’s books, science fiction and horror book covers, curated art anthologies, posters, clothing, stickers, online ads and animation projects.

Grey Matter’s murals have appeared in online ads for Men’s Wearhouse, OneWheel, Sacramento Cycling Tours and a documentary. He has been commissioned for residential, commercial, public and private murals & LIVE painting events.

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